Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Goldilocks and the three anti spyware products

Goldilocks and the three anti spyware Products

Goldilocks was one of the lucky ones. Many have no idea they are not
adequately protected while online. Some suffer incidents of identity theft
which is rising drastically. Insure your Online Safety.

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Once apon a time, there was a young lady who became lost while traveling. She decided to pull over at a rest stop and get online with her laptop to find directions. As she booted up her trusty laptop, she remembered her AntiVirus was about to expire. Well, she thought, I'll just search online for something that will get me by for now. The search engine results offered a variety of results, all claiming to be the best...some even claimed to cure gout!

First she reviewed the freebies. FreeAntiVirus4u.com looked good, but wait, here's a review about it that says it's actually Spyware! That won'tdo. Ah, here's one that's only $ 12.95 and if I download it right now, Wow,I get a Ginsu knife set for free with it! They even cut pipe! But alas, she noticed that it had no online protection and the signatures had to be updated manually. This one won't do either.

Goldilocks was beginning to wonder if this was worth all the trouble. After all she thought, I just need a quick look at WolfsMaps.com and I can be on my w


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